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Get Smart

Nextel, an unknown digital cellular telephone service in a category dominated by some of the biggest brand names in America, set out to do the impossible - sign up one million new subscribers and build a recognized brand name within one year. Using single-minded messages that focused on its key differences, like no roaming charges, one second rounding and Nextel Direct Connect, it suggested that it was the most intelligent choice for business cellular users. As a result, it took the category by storm, achieving its objectives, and establishing itself as one of the nation's top three national digital carriers.

Brand: Nextel
Client: Nextel Communications, Inc.
Agency: Mullen
Language: English

The Future. Now Available.

The financial viability of America Online as a company was being severely challenged in the summer of 1996. To ease shareholder unrest, the President of AOL promised 10 million subscribers within the coming year. The advertising agency, charged with creating a message strong enough to get the people on board, chose to emphasize the futuristic, yet "everyday" aspects of using AOL in your home. To emphasize the fun, and non-threatening use of technology, music from a popular children's cartoon was used. Consumer response to the advertising effort was so overwhelming, it crashed AOL's system, and had to be pulled until AOL could put in place the infrastructure to handle the increased consumer demand.

Brand: America Online
Client: America Online
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day New York
Language: English

Forget the Code

Brand: BellSouth Telecommunications
Client: BellSouth Corporation
Agency: Merkley Newman Harty
Language: English

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