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Wired? Yeah, you're wired.

Faced with the prospect of signifigant loses to its core Business of residential phone services, Bell Atlantic desperately needed to shore up its residential customer base prior to the advent of local competioton allowed for by the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Bell Atlantic's challenge was to motivate consumers to purchase as many products and services as possible in order to get them wired onto the Bell Atlantic Network and build an "electronic moat" around consumers. Caller ID represented the best opportunity for success, but previous efforts based upon a limiting anti-harassment tool positioning had ceased reaping any benefits to the brand, New advertising based on a broader positioning for caller ID has successfully reinvigorated the product, resulting in higher awareness, increased penetration, and improved Bell Atlantic brand attribution.

Brand: Bell Atlantic Caller ID
Client: Bell Atlantic Corporation
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Language: English

The Dime Lady

The Dime Lady campaign firmily entrenched Sprint as the company offering simple, easy to understand saving with the dime-a-minute rate. Sprint took a leadership role in the marketplace as the company with the simple flat rate, causing major competitors to respond, as they experienced custimer base erosion. By dimensionalizing and "owning" dime, Sprint increased its customer base while retaining exsiting customers to gain a stronger position in an increasingly competitive environment. The unprecedented success of the campaign is evident in the acheievement of call volume, sales, and customer retention objectives.

Brand: Sprint
Client: Sprint
Agency: JWT West
Language: English

Can Your Pager Do That?

The overall goals were to lower cost per lead and sales. By establishing SkyTel as the name to turn to for wireless paging, the campaign focused people's attention on the superiority of the SkyTel service by asking the rhetorical question: Can Your Pager Do That? Cost per lead and cost per sale dropped by 50% and 33% respectively.

Brand: SkyTel
Client: SkyTel Communications, Inc
Agency: Suissa Miller Advertising
Language: English

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