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People Up North Just Don't Get It

Integrated marketing program to promote a Chicago area daily newspaper's name change, upgrade in format and editorial content, and move to morning publication. Creative executions exploited natural rivalry existing between residents on Chicago's North and South sides. Campaign reduced "churn" among subscribers by 50% and increased circulation by 25% within one year.

Brand: Daily Southtown
Client: Daily Southtown
Agency: Geile-Rexford Creative Associates
Language: English

World's Best Selling

Shell's "World's Best-Selling Gasoline" campaign used a variety of music and a unique visual approach to maximum advantage. A low-interest subject became high-interest. More gasoline was sold to more people more often because Shell shook up the category with advertising that was unlike any of its competitors.

Brand: SHELL
Client: Shell Oil Company
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

It's about time everyone had a well made car

The "It's about time everyone had a well-made car" campaign successfully launched Kia Motors America into the Western United States. This represented a daunting task considering Kia's limited marketing dollars, the intensive competitive environment in the U.S. auto market, and consumers' opinions of Korean auto manufacturers. The advertising has positioned Kia as a new car offering the quality of the Japanese marques, at a demonstrably lower price. By all measures the campaign has been a tremendous success, building high levels of awareness, purchase intent, and quality perceptions. It has also helped Kia, against tremendous odds, to achieve its Year 1 sales objectives.

Brand: Kia Motors America
Client: Kia Motors America
Agency: Goldberg Moser O'Neill
Language: English

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