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Communications of a public service nature for a non-profit organization or association, including political messages, and special interest/trade group communications. 



Back to School

Sandy Hook Promise needed to recapture America's attention as the 2019-20 school year began. So we did what any brand that provides school essentials would do: we launched our own back-to-school campaign. With over 3.9 billion impressions, shares from 11 presidential candidates, and outpourings of emotion around the country, we brought the terrifying 'new normal' of gun violence to life and redefined what a back-to-school campaign could be. But most importantly, we supported Sandy Hook Promise's mission to empower each of us to stop a shooting before it can happen.

Brand: Sandy Hook Promise
Client: Sandy Hook Promise
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Turning a box of nothing into breakfast for WA kids

Ordinarily, Foodbank’s Christmas appeal involves direct marketing pleading for donations. In 2018, we crafted an idea with a more immediate response: Hungry Puffs, the breakfast over 100,000 West Aussie kids wake up to every day.
In the lead-up to Christmas, empty boxes of Hungry Puffs were stocked in over 40 major supermarkets across Western Australia. Shoppers who were in the process of buying food for their own families were suddenly encouraged to support a much bigger cause – helping feed children who go without breakfast every day.

Brand: Foodbank WA
Client: Foodbank WA
Agency: The Brand Agency
Language: English

Australia's worst serial killer

The Heart Foundation “Serial Killer’ campaign aimed to cut through Australians’ dangerous complacency about our most prolific killer, one that strikes 51 times every day, killing 18,500 Australians each year. Highlighting the ‘criminal’ behind Australia’s biggest killer, heart disease, the campaign called on the Government to invest in the prevention of heart disease and on Australians to take steps to assess their own levels of risk.
The campaign was dramatically successful. Within the first 7 days, the Government agreed to fund life- saving Heart Health Checks for Australians at risk of heart disease, something the Heart Foundation had been advocating for over 10 years to achieve. In addition, the campaign alerted Australians to their risk of heart disease and what they can do about it via the newly launched Heart Age Calculator.

Brand: The Heart Foundation Australia
Client: The Heart Foundation Australia
Agency: News Corp Australia
Language: English

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