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Communications of a public service nature for a non-profit organization or association, including political messages, and special interest/trade group communications. 



Tournée Minérale

Because of its cultural status in Belgium, the addictive influence of alcohol and its associated health risks, the Foundation Against Cancer, in collaboration with the VAD (Flemish Expertise Center for Alcohol and other Drugs), has decided to respond by mobilizing the Belgian population to :

1. make them aware of their alcohol consumption
2. reduce this
3. collect funds for cancer research

Brand: Stichting Tegen Kanker
Client: Stichting Tegen Kanker
Agency: Happiness Brussels


Em São Paulo existem 25 mil pessoas em situação de rua, invisíveis para a grande mídia. Como podemos colocar um holofote nessa causa? Simples, pegando carona na atenção de quem tem de sobra e transformando um assunto sério em fofoca. Juntamos celebridades e pessoas em situação de rua, tiramos suas roupas e divulgamos a campanha como uma grande matéria sensacionalista. Assim, conseguimos levar nossa campanha para veículos de massa e atingimos o Brasil inteiro.

Brand: ARCAH
Client: ARCAH
Agency: One Digital

Closer than you think

Child Focus is the Belgian center for missing and sexually exploited children. The organization spreads information about missing children by publishing their pictures and descriptions. As witnesses are vital in finding these children, it is key to reach and engage with as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.
Over the years, Child Focus’ key communication strategy has transitioned from paper posters to a combination of offline and online channels. Online platforms allow for Child Focus’ missing child posters to rapidly reach a broader and more diverse audience. Since there is virtually no advertising or media budget present to invest in digital media, over the years, public involvement proved to be crucial to ensuring the missing child posters were shared online.

Brand: Childfocus
Client: Child Focus
Agency: Wunderman Antwerp

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