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"Model Factory" Turns IBM from Outsider to Influencer

We realized “Industry 4.0” sounds like a big, scary threat for VPs of manufacturing, so our gamified factory makes the complex future tangible. No detail was spared in the digital 3D construction of “Model Factory.” Machine animations and interactions between “floor workers” seamlessly deliver the audience into the world of the game. Repurposing the simulation into a 2D HTML5 format reduced lag-time without compromising the design of the experience. In a single execution, Model Factory drove purchase interest, validated leads, an astounding ROMI, and achieved 22x our revenue goal.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

Más que fuerte

Brand: Holcim Fuerte
Client: Holcim Ecuador
Agency: Maruri Grey
Language: Spanish

On fait tout pour que ce soit beau chez vous

Brand: Saint Maclou
Client: Saint Maclou
Agency: Proximity BBDO
Language: French

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