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MTS Hype

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: As the most potential target audience was chosen a segment of youngsters in the age of 14-19 y.o. They are in the very age when they are willing to make decisions in all spheres of their life independently. Thus, they are ready to choose an operator/tariff by themselves. 14-19 aged is the first generation that was born not just in the times of Internet, but in the times of mobile Internet. Mobile Internet penetration among them is 90%*. They spend online most of their spare time. 34% of them spend more than 5 hours a day in social networks and 10% of them watch videos on YouTube more than 5 hours a day**. Due to abundance of content online they have lots of different interests, but music is of the highest importance for them: 74% always listen to the music on their smartphones**. 28% of them are gaming fans**. They spend their spare time not only online: 39% of them have been at a shopping mall at least once a month and 33% of them attend cafes and restaurants at least once a month***. Even though they almost live online, they are the most unreachable customers for advertisers as 54% of them use ad blockers****, and when it comes to product recommendations, they only believe their relatives and their opinion leaders: blogger, vloggers and other self-made YouTube stars. *Source: WEB-Index, April'17- September'17. **Source: Statistics about Russian youth, IpsosGoogle, September, 2016. ***Source: Comcon R-TGI, 2017. ****Source: Mindreader, 2017.  

Objectives: Key objective was to switch current MTS users and competitors users aged 14-19 to the MTS youth tariff. Sales KPI: MTS youth tariff share of all MTS tariffs sales 7,5% Planned share of sales was conditioned by the percent of teens aged 14-19 in the Russian population aged 14-60 (7, 37% on the date of 1st January 2017)*. To achieve the sales target, despite building awareness of the tariff we had to change MTS brand perception among teens. 2 Brand Health Tracking KPIs were chosen to track the change in perception: - Growth of operator for youth attribute among youngsters aged 14-19 on not less than 10 points after the campaign (before the campaign: 34 points in Q317) - Growth of ready to consider only this operator attribute among youngsters aged 14-19 on not less than 10 points after the campaign (before the campaign: 19 points in Q317) *Source: Rosstat, 1 January, 2017 г.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian