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Omsk Bacon
Made in Siberia

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Consumers of meat gastronomy in the Siberian region (SFO) are men and women 18-50 years old, penetration is 98.5% (RTGI data, Ipsos Comcon, Q2, 2017, May 2017). That is, almost every adult Siberian is included in the target audience. So the decision was born to address the audience not as consumers of sausage, but as people with emotional needs related to living in Siberia, which can be decided by the brand leader

Objectives: The main criterion for the effectiveness of the advertising campaign in 2017 was the commercial result: revenue growth while maintaining the average price, due to increased sales. The increase in volume in the falling market is possible only due to the switching of consumers from competitors to Omsk Bacon in terms of meat gastronomy consumption. Both the advertising budget and distribution remained at the level of the previous year. Thus, solely through the creative idea, the campaign was to increase the brand's preference, expressed in the purchase.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian