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Business that captivates

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: 30-40 years old, male, high income. Modern, active businessmen for whom their work and business are essential parts of life. Choosing a car, they focus on its "image". A car is their "face", their image in eyes of business partners and clients. This image should be perfectly balanced: - respectable enough to speak of its owner as a person who owns or represents a successful business; - at the same time, restrained enough not to "shout" about the income and the status of the owner in conditions of difficult economic situation; - comfortable, high-quality and dynamic, what is very important for a person who has to spend a lot of time driving, as required by his business and lifestyle. Most of them like to drive a car on their own, sometimes allow themselves to feel the dynamics and speed of their own car. Their choice is reasonable and carefully considered.

Objectives: To revive the interest of potential customers of business class cars to Audi A6, to stimulate potential customers to get more information about Audi A6 (increase traffic to audi.ru, increase the use of the configurator by 100%). Increase sales of Audi A6 by 100% during the advertising campaign.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian