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TNTbroadcast network
Get on TNT

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: The project is designed for a broad audience (all viewers aged 14-44): A.Loyal audience of TNT channel, who likes projects and stars of TNT B.New audience The communication core of the project is young boys and girls aged 14-24: 1.Actively consume media content in different environments (TV, Digital) 2.Active Internet users 3.Cinema-goers 4.A lot of hobbies and pastimes music, dancing, sports, going to a cafе 5.Spend a lot of time away from home

Objectives: Behavioural and motivational goals: 1.Invite viewers to become a part of the TV channel: allow them trying TV 2.Allow an ordinary viewer to touch the dream to play in lead-in videos of the coolest channel with the coolest stars of Russian TV. 3.Involve the audience in the advertising campaign. Make them one of the channels for the distribution of branded content. Business image goals and KPI: 1.Confirm the image characteristics of TNT channel: а.Innovative в.Cool 2.Improve the image of the channel in the regions 3.Increase the number of subscribers of the TV channel in social media 4.Increase the number of TNT brand mentions in social media 5.Increase the share and rating of the channel in the regions

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian