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Bochkarev. Renaissance

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We were interested in mentioned audience, due to their relatively high level of consumption and their will to buy affordable products. We were assuming that in one category with direct price rivals target audience will choice famous brand, a brand they know.  

Objectives: Business Objectives: 1.Develop a solution to gain share in Traditional Trade. 2.Secure risk of production volume loss due to PET 1.5 liter ban. 3.Develop a solution to overcome mentioned B2B and B2C barriers of negative retailers perception of the brand from one side, and consumers indifference and lack of trust from another side to Bochkarev brand. 4.Focus on Traditional Trade with product. Modern Trade to consider as secondary sales channel. KPIs: 1.Launch volume making SKU in economy segment (Price Index 70-75) by Quarter 2, 2017. 2.Reach Numeric Distribution 30% July 2017 (Nielsen). 3.Reach 0.2% vol. share by Dec. 2017 (Nielsen).  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian