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Сreation from scratch and launch of new yoghurt brand EPICA

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: All brands in yoghurts market before EPICA launch targeted either females with digestion benefit or families and females with focus on taste, fruits, naturality or farm traditions. Tastes assortments of all brands are very traditional (strawberry, peach, cherry, cereals, etc). There was a "white spot" in the market – no unisex brand targeting urban active young adults and that could become their lifestyle brand. EPICA target audience are both females and males 18-45 (with focus on 20-33 y.olds), primarily living in big cities with average+ income. Active, modern urban young adults with wide scope of interests; they want to be on trend, feel modern and advanced. They want to get pleasure from life “here and now”, to fill their life with emotions and experiences, including new tastes and flavours. They have conscious attitude to nutrition, they care about their physical shape. They want clear and simple health benefit from the brand, but apart from health benefit they’re also looking for taste and aesthetic pleasure.

Objectives: 1.Stop Ehrmann market share loss in the yoghurts market short-term (in launch year). 2.In mid- and long-term (in 2-3 years) enter top-10 yoghurt brands in value with new fresh yoghurt brand and become player number 3 in value in yoghurts market.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian