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Profi Club Weber-Vetonit for craftsmen

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Craftsmen: 30-55 years old men who have work experience in construction for 3 years and more. They prefer high-quality materials, since they would like to avoid the possibility of remaking works at their own expense. He leads one or several small brigades providing finishing works on various job-site: apartments, country houses, summer residences, offices. In the most cases, craftsmen make decision on what brand of a particular material to choose for a project. The behavior and thinking of craftsmen is rational: they are unlikely to get fooled by advertising "tricks" and reluctantly believe in brand communication.

Objectives: As for any commercial company, our main goals are associated with the company's financial health and annual profit. In order to increase our sales volume the following commercial goals were set: 1) to expand consumer demand from the leading to the secondary SKUs of Weber-Vetonit (up to 3 names for one purchase); 2) to increase total sales by 10% in value and 10% in volume. Meanwhile, in order to continue long-term dialogue with craftsmen, another goal towards establishing the company's reputation was set: to create a Weber-Vetonit brand image as an expert in construction and finishing. As the measurement metric, the number of views of 1 video on our YouTube channel was used. The goal was to achieve 200 thousand views. Similar competitors' similar videos have less than 50 thousand views.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian