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Tochka bank
Making business, helping people.

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Target audience: entrepreneurs. Core target audience is 25-35 year olds. Additional target audience is 40+. People who make decisions on choosing a bank (owners, CEOs and chief accountants); Micro, small and medium-sized businesses; Regarding banks they value simplicity, clarity, no delays and no other difficulties.

Objectives: Media goals: TV coverage of 70-80% Effective coverage (those who remember the ads) is no less than 50% (not lower than for the 2016 advertising campaign) The target indicators for market share and brand position (level of knowledge) were set according to the banks long-term development strategy (until 2019 inclusive). Intermediate goals for each year were set according to the experience of 2016 and to the necessary dynamics for their implementation. Marketing goals: Creating awareness oTop of mind: 3% oSpontaneous awareness: 8% oDirect awareness: 20% Communication goal: To be completely different from the competitors in terms of image and tone of communication. Business goal: 75 000 working clients.

Type: B2B

Language: English, Russian