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L'Oreal Paris
Launch of new color dye "Colorista"

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Girls 17-20 years old. Young experimenters. They explore their self-identity, so they try different make-up looks, styles of clothing, various haircuts and styling. They spend most of their time free from study on YouTube and other social networks, where they spend an average of 5 hours a day*. They are used to perceive concise and visualized information, because their average time of concentration on one single object is 8 seconds**. *Google x Ipsos "Teens generation Y", Sept' 2016. **Validata "30 facts of modern youngsters", March 2017

Objectives: For a successful launch of the new hair color Colorista targeting an audience essentially not interested in the product category, it was extremely important first of all to change the attitude of young girls to hair coloring itself and make L'Oreal Paris in general and the color Colorista in particular a loved brand of young audience. This was exactly what would help achieve the main commercial objective of growing the whole category of L'Oreal Paris hair colors by recruiting young consumers. KPIs: 1) Achievement by the Colorista range of market share of 1% in 2017-2018 without loss to other hair colors of parent brand L'Oreal Paris (i.e. growth due to new audience rather than to switching over from other brands within L'Oreal Paris). 2) Market share growth of all L'Oreal Paris  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian