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RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Urban residents, active users of communication, especially the Internet: they are in touch with friends and family online and use their smartphones to settle any issues. They tend to choose tariffs with medium or large content for which they are willing to pay more, but they also make it a point to select very best offers that suit their needs and get as much as they can for the money they pay. Things that matter to them are clarity and unambiguity of tariffs and high quality of communication which they are not willing to sacrifice for a low price tag*. * Ipsos Comcon, Segmentation of cellular subscribers, 2016.  

Objectives: 1. Commercial goal: increase the number of sign-ups where subscribers move with their original mobile number, by X** (which guarantees a higher revenue than in case of purchase of an extra SIM card*). 2. Leadership in Consideration, which is the key indicator of subscribers' readiness to switch to another operator (Tele2 was 3% behind the leader**). For this purpose, ancillary objectives were set: widen the gap from competitors in terms of perceived good deal (value for money): (Tele2 was leading, 3% ahead of the nearest competitor**); in ad awareness, to narrow the gap with competitors (29% behind the leader**) and minimize the decline of AA after rebranding; enhance the relevance of the brand (ranking second, with a lag of 2%**); 3. To keep the loyalty of the current subscriber base: NPS is an indicator of loyalty to a brand and intention to recommend it (38%**). * Company internal business data, 2016. ** FDF + Magram, Quantitative Tracking Study, January 2017.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian