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Jacobs Millicano
Millicano with Millionaire

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Women of age 25-45 with an average and high income, instant coffee consumers. Their distinctive feature is that they put family on the first place. They are perfectionists and aspire to choose the best in all the spheres of their lives. Coffee is a part of their everyday life it helps them energize for the whole day. They love coffee but they are not connoisseurs of it and they are not willing to learn the new information about coffee. To them the fresh coffee made in a caf or in a coffee machine is a gold standard of good coffee they appreciate its flavor and aroma but they can not afford drinking it every days because of its high price and lack of a coffee machine in the office so they prefer instant coffee that is easy to make. Overall, they are happy with their instant coffee but they are ready to try drinking the best instant coffee.

Objectives: First and primary task was to increase market share and purchase intention. In order to make it happen we had to change consumers perception about the brand, i.e. to grow premium perception and high quality product perception.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian