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Russia’s first innovative integration of the McDonald's brand into the largest national navigation service – Yandex.Navigatordex.Navigator

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: The McAuto service platform is specially designed for drivers and their passengers. All car owners appreciate the opportunity when driving around the city or out on the highways to pick up a quick coffee, grab a bite or have a full-course meal without leaving the car. One third of McDonald's restaurants have the McAuto platform. Therefore, getting the target audience to learn about McAuto locations and generating a customer flow is crucial for the company’s business. Thus, drivers (people who drive cars on a frequent or regular basis) were chosen as the target audience for communication. The target audience spans the entire geography of Russia.  

Objectives: Objectives to be met when addressing the target audience: Objective No. 1. Communication. To cover the largest possible (100%) target audience when delivering a brand message. Objective No. 2. Competition. To enhance the perception of McDonald's as a leader in the QSR segment for drivers (McAuto). Objective No. 3. Commercial. Influence McAuto sales growth. Objective No. 4. Efficiency. Efficiency improvement in digital placement through counting the number of visits, i.e. link online communication with offline sales. Objective No. 5. Image. Present the brand as innovative and modern.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian