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Launch of the new rate plan and option Smart Zabugorische

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Our audience is people who travel internationally. We did not focus on a narrow high-revenue audience whose members are frequent international travelers already used to roaming options. We sought to expand the audience to cover all those who travel abroad this summer, including people who are not serial travelers and tend to be frugal with their roaming charges. Our audience had formed stereotypes with regard to roaming: 1.it is generally very expensive; 2.the cost is high but one gets a small volume of traffic; 3.since different needs require activation of separate options (for incoming calls, for outgoing calls, for the internet), the total expenditure is not readily understood, leading to a perception that the costs are uncontrollable; 4.it is difficult to figure out how exactly each option works, since each has its own procedure: some need to be deactivated unless the charges continue to accrue even when you are home; others need to be activated once, and charges will accrue only for the actual use of the service rather than since the time of activation. Because people traveling abroad are nevertheless unprepared to give up communication services completely, they prefer to limit themselves, activate options for very short periods, or use Wi-Fi connections where available.

Objectives: Business objectives: 1.Increasing the number of subscribers using international roaming: to access the internet - by 50% (previously, year-on-year growth was about 25%, conditional on targeted communication only); to make voice calls - stop the decrease (previously, the year-on-year drop was approximately 16%); 2.Service consumption growth: data services (the internet) - by 100% (previously, year-on-year growth stood at 30-35%); call minutes - stop the decrease (previously, the year-on-year drop was approximately 13%). Marketing communication effectiveness: 1.TV commercials awareness - 60%; 2.likability - higher than market benchmarks in the promotion campaign period; 3.motivation - higher than market benchmarks in the promotion campaign period.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian