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Chudo Detki
"L-element" national campaign

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We determine two types of target audience for the brand: 1. Key - Russian mothers aged 30 to 45 years with children of primary school age, with average and above average income. They want to support their children and help them to cope with an increasing study load at school and after classes, even though children spend most of the day away from their mothers. 2. Secondary - their children aged 6 to 11 years. They have just started school and are already burdened with numerous classes and tasks. It may become a real challenge for children; therefore, they need their mothers support more than ever.

Objectives: The main objective belongs to category C "Perception/Attitude": strengthening the brand image in accordance with the below stated performance indicators. Commercial performance indicators (i.e. increase in product consumption) we consider as the actual confirmation of the change in the attitude of the target audience to the brand. KPIs* during the promotional campaign: Unique brand (+3 pp); Think better of this brand than other brands of kids (+4 pp); My favorite brand of kids products (+3 pp); * Brand for schoolers (+5 pp); market share for key categories (Drinkable Yougurts +3 pp y, Aromatic Milk + 3 pp YTD); consumption of products of this brand (+5 pp). The achievement of the main goal means the effectiveness of our new communication approach, as well as the fact that the brand is entrenched in the territory of school meals (between lessons and after them) and we managed to lay the Foundation for an emotional platform for interaction with mothers. measure key KPIs we carried out on the basis of analytical reports, IPSOS, Comcon.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian