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TNT4 TV Channel
The launch of a young TV channel’s original show

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: We targeted two key groups: 1. 14-44 demo – the Channel’s target audience, who love TNT content but don’t watch the infamous Dom-2 show. The decision was to air the show on TNT4 right against Dom-2 on TNT, i.e. at 11 pm. 2. Males 25-44 – the Channel’s core target audience. These are successful adults, who think they are still “young people”. They work a lot, and sometimes they want to relax and make mischief. They watch TV together with their wives, like to hang out with their friends, and are unable to save money. They have at least one car in the family and a stable income.

Objectives: Summer is an off-peak time on television, with no big premieres. We set ourselves the goal to become the main television event of Summer-2017. Goal #1 – Commercial. To boost advertising sales due to a new big TV hit whose share would exceed the Channel average, according to Mediascope (on TV, the advertising is sold based on the ratings). Goal #2 – Behavioral. To make the viewer switch on their TV, find TNT4 and watch the show. Goal #3 – Brand loyalty. Through Cash or Crash TV-show, to build loyalty to TNT4 brand among the viewers, advertisers and Internet-users.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian