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Trusted installment card Sovest (Conscience)

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We focused our efforts on finance services early adopters. This segment of customers was more open to trust independent banks (48%) and is more likely to borrow cash (49%) based on Comcon R-TGI 2017 source. These customers had budget planning skills and were technically advanced. They preferred not to spend their own money, but to deposit them and earn interest on a deposit account. They are advanced in using financial instruments and are open to consider new opportunities. Their opinion is valued by other customers, those we communicated to afterwards. Taking into account complex business model, online card ordering and overall novelty of our offer, we understood that these very consumers are the key opportunity for Sovest (Conscience).  

Objectives: There were three main tasks: 1) Deliver information about the new brand. We planned to achieve 50% of aided awareness (at least half of consumers to be familiar with the brand); 2) Drive interest to the product. We planned to have 50-60 ths organic visits on site weekly (during national TV campaigns); 3) Drive trial of Sovest (Conscience) card. The KPI was 400 ths application forms monthly.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian