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PIK Group
To represent and buy an ideal flat

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Analysis of demand, based on internal customer data and statistics of appeals, showed that the main source of business growth are: 1). Residents of New and Old Moscow 2). Family men and women aged 26-35 3).Married 4). With 1-2 children up to 18 years old With an average income of 100 thousand rubles. Most often, the audience already has property, and the main motive for buying a new apartment is the desire to improve the current living conditions and increase living space.  

Objectives: The main goal of the company was to maintain a positive trend on a stagnating market. To achieve this, we had the following tasks laid out before us: 1. Reinforce the PIK brand awareness and become number one in awareness in the category. In 2016, induced awareness raised by 10 percentage points to 62%*: still trailing behind the next competitor. In 2017, we had to at least maintain the same rate of awareness increase. 2. Thanks to consolidating our assets with Morton Groups, the company closed the year of 2016 with the increase of revenue from real estate sales by 58.9%. In 2017, despite the market situation, PIK Group planned to turn in a large number of new projects and buildings, intending to raise this metric to 70%. 3. Increase the volume of real estate sales by 65%, against the previous years 52% increase. *Kantar TNS Realty Monitor 2016  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian