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Amway Social Selling

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Primary target audience - Amway independent distributors, which can be devided in two segments: Women 45+ - core audience, current sales driver, heavy user of Amway products with high level of loyalty.Youngsters 18-35 - highest growth potential, key driver for social transformation.Additional audience - Amway employees, sales & marketing teams, who will guide the social transformation process. 

Objectives: Commercial goal - increase social media sales by 50%. KPI's: Number of registrations from social media (plan: +30%; fact:+63%)Average check from social media (plan: +20% fact: +30%)Total Revenue in rubles (plan:+50% fact:+150%)Behavioral goal - qualitative increase of Amway distributors' social media activity. KPI's:  Number of Amway distributors active on social media (plan: +5%; Fact: +15%)Volume of product content (plan:+20%; fact:+50%)Number of subscribers (plan: +10%; fact: +25%)Average Engagement rate (plan:+15%; fact:+20%)

Type: B2B

Language: English, Russian