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Acuvue Golden Lens

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: New target audience for pilot project was specified as young men 18-35, cybersports fans: gamers and viewers. MediaScope data proved this segment to be big enough (6.2 mln), 30% of them have vision disorders. Gaming session can last 7-12 hours: this exertion may lead to dry-eye syndrome and eye fatigue. Playing a tough round, it reduces eye-attention and slows down eye reactions. Hence, gamers risk missing the most important game details and may easily lose.   Acuvue provides excellent performance on comfort, prevents dry-eye syndrome allowing to spend more time in front of the screen.

Objectives: The two main campaign objectives were: 1) To increase brand awareness up to 50% among reached TA (basic awareness level among TA – 35%) 2) To grow Acuvue purchase intent up to 40% of target group, reached by campaign (basic level – 32%) *Source: Yandex Vzglyad, may 2018

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian