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Conquest of Moscow

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We addressed medium- and high-income segments of advanced users, residents of the capital 20-35 y.o., who actively use mobile communication, especially Internet. For them mobile connection is an essential attribute of life, they use mobile Internet throughout a day. To stay connected they not only choose plans with large data packages, with particular attention to its speed, but also look for a wider coverage to always stay in touch. They are highly demanding to quality of service, give no credit to promises, but rely on own usage experience. * Ipsos Comcon, Segmentation of cellular subscribers, 2016

Objectives: Improving brand perception to ensure the flow of subscribers. 1. MNP-balance 5:1 (the proportion of new customers to leaving with their number) Marketing: 2. Leadership in Consideration 3. Maintaining leadership in VFM, and increasing the lead from the nearest competitor. 4. Growth of relevance, closing the gap with leader (Q4/2017 ranking last; 6pp.behind*). 5. Improving the perception of mobile internet quality, closing the gap with nearest competitor (Q4 / 2017 ranking last; 10pp.behind*). 6. Maintaining leadership in NPS and gap with nearest rival of at least 32pp.* *FDF + Magram, Quantitative Tracking Study, Q4 / 2017.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian