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International roaming

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We talked not only to our potential roaming users, but also to competitor’s users: Dynamic urban residents, 20-40, active users of mobile, especially Internet. They are used to solve anything via a smartphone and are ready to pay more to stay connected. They appreciate a good deal and don’t want to pay for excess.* They travel abroad at least once a year. Once there, they also need communication, but high prices and fear of overpayments make them limit data consumption.**   *Ipsos Comcon, Segmentation of cellular subscribers, 2016 **FreshIdea, International roaming, Concept testing, Moscow, 04/2018

Objectives: We needed to noticeably enter the territory of international roaming in order to encourage our subscribers to use Internet more often in roaming, and others' subscribers, to sign up to Tele2. Increase revenue from international roaming by 15% Maintain leadership in Consideration (34%)* with lead of 1p.p. over the nearest competitor; Reduce the lag from nearest competitor by 2 times in “convenient to travel”*; Strengthen leadership in VFM (23,5%), keeping 6p.p. lead over the nearest competitor; Keep the lead in relevance ("For people like me") (29%, lead 1pp)*. *FDF+Magram, Quantitative Tracking, May’18

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian