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Charity Foundation "Gift to an Angel"
Social Campaign "Thank You"

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Our online donors represent all genders 25-44 y.o.Russian State Statistics Service identifies the same demographic as the largest group in Russia.Other disclosures:• Foundation “Public Opinion”, 2017 – age groups of 18-30 and 31-45 y.o. trust the philanthropic organizations the most, 55% and 49% respectively.• Dobro Mail.Ru (philanthropic portal of one of the largest internet services companies in Russia) 2017 – 62% of donors represent people of all genders, 25-44 y.o.Women represent 66% of donors and donate more frequently. Men’s median donations tend to be larger. Families represent a greater share of donors.

Objectives: Objective: Increase donor funding to enable the foundation serve a greater number of children.KPI: Raise the foundation’s public profile and reinforce donor loyalty.KPI: At least double the amount of online donations in 2018 over the ₽2.1mm raised during the previous 12-months.Objective: Change public perception of CP and foster culture of inclusiveness.KPI: Raise the public awareness of CP and stimulate interest to learn more.KPI: In 2018, at least double the number of unique visitors to our website over the 35 250 raised during the previous 12-months.

Language: English, Russian