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Becoming a game changer in DIY e-Commerce

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Our audience is people 25-55 y.o., living in their own flat. Many of them also have house and garden. Most of them are not professionals in repairing, but love to do small chores. Large-scale repairs are not for them. They buy DIY products in hardware stores. They are rational people. But it is important for them to follow trends. Brand name and its status plays an important role for them.Our audience are active internet users. They search and choose products online. They make e-purchases if e-stores make it handy to buy online.

Objectives: We set the main goal - to increase the Dulux brand e-sales via OBI.ru website. And also it was important not to use standard advertising tools and media investments. The Dulux brand is an absolute innovator in its category. So such ambitious tasks are in the absolute paradigm of the brand. No one had done it before us in the category. Because of that we didn't have any benchmarks for KPIs. But we expected that we would be able to increase key indicators (Dulux e-purchases and e-revenue via OBI) by at least 30% during the campaign.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian