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Sony PlayStation
The First Football Cyber Mundial

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The main target audience of PlayStation is console gaming enthusiasts aged 18–35 y.o.. Others are just getting ready to discover the world of PlayStation - they explore the advantages of consoles through video reviews or playing with friends, especially as games on a computer become more expensive and are inferior in graphics.Our audience is highly digitalized. TV is replaced by online cinemas and gaming streaming services (Twitch, YouTube, etc.). Leading youth TV channels are transformed to meet the needs of young people and offer new exclusive digital formats of content.

Objectives: The FIFA World Cup provided just that opportunity to strengthen the Brand leadership. Key objectives: №1. Strengthen perception as "leader" by target audience: sales growth by 40% * and increase the intention to purchase **. №2. Increase Brand interest during the FIFA World Cup, increase of brand mentions in social networks *** and search queries ****. №3. To attract a new audience of 18-35 y.o. and increasing brand relevance by 10% **   * -Store.sony.ru ** - Quantitative survey of the target audience of Sony PlayStation Brandlift Research *** - Youscan, July 2017 **** - Yandex.Wordstat

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian