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Everything you see in this advertising can be paid by MIR card

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The most perspective audience in terms of transactional activity was chose as the campaign target audience. After conducting the research and segmentation of consumers, priority segments were selected and graphically called: - mainstream (middle class, moderately Patriotic, traditionalists) - the cache free (professionals, advanced card users, pragmatic) The common thing that unites both segments is the usage of the card more often than cash. These are active working people, residents of large cities, who appreciate the benefits and choose cards and payment methods that allow them to spend their money wisely. They strive to experience new things.

Objectives: The main campaigns' objective was to remove the barrier of the inability to pay for goods and services by MIR card and stimulate the audience to make card transactions. By March'18, 35 million cards had been issued, while consumers were not actively using them. The campaign posed itself as the main goal to increase the level of transactions by 32%. The second important objective of the campaign was to increase all brand health indicators by 5 points.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian