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CSKA energizes

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: CSKA games audience can be divided into two segments: Active fans — conservative group that regularly attends matches; long-time team supporters. Drastic changes in their composition and quantity are unlikely. Fans have their own organized community with rules and traditions. Fans approval and support are important for the club. Passive spectators — they watch hockey, follow team performance but don’t visit the matches. They are interested in the game but don’t perceive it as an entertainment. These are active Moscow people, office workers, lovers of recreation and active lifestyle, are used to spending money on leisure activities.

Objectives: A. Business To increase sales through the growth of traffic on the matches in the new KHL season — double the attendance of CSKA home games in comparison with the previous season. B. Behavioral Attract passive spectators to the home games. C. Perceptual/Attitudinal Revive the image of hockey as a leisure activity, also for families. Explain to the audience that CSKA hockey matches are an opportunity to get unique emotions, drive and charge of good mood.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian