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Lipton Ice Tea

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Our target audience is men and women, 18 to 35, residents of large cities with average/above average income, “millenials”. They have an active life position and highly value the possibility of self-expression, natural beauty and sharing time with friends. They value new experience above possession. “Russianness” is considered an actual trend at everything: from fashion and music to cooking and traveling. Consumption features: they drink black ice tea as daytime recharge.

Objectives: Strategic: Drive growth of the category as a whole and increase the market share of the brand (+ 1.9 pp compared to the same period last year); Commercial: Increase brand sales (minimum +10% compared to the same period last year); Marketing: Grow brand penetration (+ 2 pp. compared to the same period last year); Communication: Communicate the maximum possible audience about the launch of new flavors in an interesting and vivid way; Image: Increase Brand Love (+ 1 pp. compared to the same period last year).

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian