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Magne B6
We fell, we stood up

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Adult working parents, first of all mothers feeling accumulated stress symptoms – irritation, fatigue, sleep problems. They take antianxiety drugs. Parents of children of 3-9 years of age – schoolchildren of earlier grades feeling anxiety, nervousness, agitation and other stress symptoms. Pregnant women in trimesters 1-2, as well as women planning to get pregnant in the near future and not refusing to take vitamin-mineral complexes. First time pregnant women with a positive perception of this period, carefully complying with the medical advice.

Objectives: The business KPI is the share in the market of anti-stress drugs in packages and value. The communication KPI is the result of creative materials qualitative testing. We did not set the goal for ourselves to achieve the image KPIs of the brand, since in 2018 Sanofi started to use a new brand monitoring technique, and the first study performed with the use of this technique did not fully cover the period of activity of the project being described. We could not measure the trends.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian