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FC Lokomotiv Moscow
Lokomotiv. For Everyone

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: - FC Lokomotiv fans loyal to the brand. We wanted to draw their attention to the importance of engaging in the life of the community and the importance of their participation in this life, even if only by viewing. - Russians aged 18-45, not fans, but socially active Russians. It was important for us to show them that the club has its own values, which intersect with the universal and make Lokomotiv second choice for them when choosing to visit any sports or entertainment event. - Fans (and non-fans) with disabilities.

Objectives: The goal is a positive perception of attitudes towards the brand through the social responsibility of the club. The first one about the “Locomotive. For All” series about people with disabilities. We want to tell people that it’s easy to root for Lokomotiv, you just have to come to the stadium and everyone has their place here, the club will take care of it. Through positive club publicity, it is easier for business to talk at all levels. Digital KPIs are not applicable in this case.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian