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Quit smoking to start new life with Nicorette

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Target audience is smokers who want to quit (68% of total), because support is effective only if you have desire to achieve results. Men and women under 35**is core. Usually, they have already tried to quit 2-5 times in life***,but the majority (57%*) use only willpower, not drugs and probability of success in this case is 5%****. We can dedicate* 2 main groups of smokers- "heavy" (smoke >15 cigarettes / day) and "light" (

Objectives: 1) Keep leading position in the category (№1 by brand power) 2) Achieve business goals: increase sales faster vs PY on the main formats - spray and chewing gum, increase brand market share 3) Increase smoking cessation awareness and effectiveness (KPI: Creating a learning platform and a positive response to it, Improving perception of effectiveness in researching brand strength) 4) Increase the motivation of smokers to quit through their interest in the brand.  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian