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Beeline, Liza Alert
Everyone can help to find missing person

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: More people involved into the search, more chances to promptly find a person alive. Therefore we focused not only on volunteers (those who already help), but on a wider audience who would like to take part in a search, but believed they could not help. Gender, age, income and employment did not matter.

Objectives: The main goal was to attract as many people as possible and encourage them to fill in the form on the website to become volunteers of Lisa Alert squad (our plan was 10 000 requests). The project became part of Beeline’s general sustainable development strategy the brand shifted to in 2017, and ensured that the global sustainable goals adopted by the world community in 2015 are met: Goal #11. Accessibility, safety, livability and environmental sustainability of cities and communities Goal #17. Strengthening the means and cooperation within the global partnership aimed at sustainable development

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian