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Kotex: BTL of the XXI century without BTL

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Our target audience are young girls aged 16-26 who are city dwellers, ready to make their own decisions. They are buoyant and proactive, seeking to unleash their potentials in different areas of life; as a rule, they have a hobby and are inclined to share their achievements.

Objectives: 1) Trial purchase KPI 1 – to sell at least 40 thousand packages via coupons (we planned to distribute 2 million coupons, the market benchmark for conversion into a purchase of such promotional events is 2%); to minimize the trial purchase cost per User. 2) Viral engagement KPI 2 – according to VK data, the market benchmark for sending stickers is 3 stickers per user. Taking into account the taboo character of the category, our most optimistic forecast was 25 million stickers sent (5 stickers per user), while our plan was 4.9 million sticker pack installations.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian