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Digital Transformation

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: 1)    Newcomers on automotive market – Millennials, that never bought a car but heard a lot about complexity of buying process. Heavy internet users. They want to get what they want in the places where they spend the most. Overall for Millennials making purchases online was part of everyday life.2)    Current car owners. People used to buy cars in old-fashion way. They already have usual experience in car buying but complain that process is complicated and time consuming. They already buy goods online, just didn’t consider such expensive product to be bought this way

Objectives: Business. Sales growth. Increase of digital sales share in total sales. As this sales more manageable, transparent and easy for Renault.Behavior. Make customers recommend Renault more often. Increase customer satisfaction.Perception. Change customer mindset towards accepting e-commerce as modern and convenient way. Become digital brand number 1. Build awareness that Renault has digitally transformed its business to suit consumers’ needs and expectation.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian