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Stirateli in Pyaterochka

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The key specifics of TA that is potentially going to be interested in promos related to the WorldCup2018. So the TA selection is large. Our promo-potential met the needs of TA: the whole country was going to play because of the WorldСup2018. Men 17–55, boys 5–16. Core TA: watching TV, spending time in digital. — During WorldCup2018 the information density increases, attracting and holding customer attention becomes difficult.— At a time like this product advertising stops working, you have to appeal to emotions.— Consumers want to be a part of history during world-scale event.

Objectives: The main commercial goal was to increase the company's Retail_sales_Volume by 1.5% for the campaign period. Retail_Sales_Volume is the most important business indicator for a retail chain, which shows if the business is successful. On average, promotional activations allow a retail increase of + 1.1% to the base. Commercial_objectives - An_increase_in_RTO_(retail turnover)_of_the_company_by_1.5%_over_the_promo.- An_increase_in_traffic_of_the_chain_by_1%(promotional_action_average).- In_increase_in_the_average_receipt +12%(chain_average). Advertising_objectives- Total campaign reach — 45,000,000 users.- ER on VKontakte— 1% (platform average  — 0,5%).    

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian