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Life insurance

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The new communication should have been aimed at segments of active users of the Internet, mobile services, mobile bank, online services for buying tickets. Our audience lives in the digital world, where the availability of online alternatives to any offline services has become the norm. The long process of obtaining an insurance policy for people who buy tickets in one click is a problem.For this audience, it`s important to be innovative and modern, to keep up with the times, they value their time and want to use it effectively.

Objectives: The launch of e-OSAGO sales since 2017 has increased the demand for sales of voluntary insurance through the Internet, already in Q1. In 2017, we saw an increase in sales of online policies by 45%. Commercial purposes: Increase online sales in rubles by 55% vs 2017; Increase sales by 4 times through the Ingomobile App. Media KPI: Reach the target audience of ~ 33 million users. For maximum audience coverage, we determined the size of the potential audience, the number of sources for entering the Internet and calculated the necessary coverage.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian