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Burger King
From stickers to sales. The Burger King case of 2018

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The campaign’s target audience – young peopleaged 14 to 25 y.o. with an average income and below. They visit Burger King restaurants to have a cheap meal and a good time with friends. The TA appreciates low price, high nutrition value and fast service. They actively use online media (inc. VKontakte), almost do not watch TV and react slightly to traditional advertising. They are used to e-communication and independent choice of content, as well as appreciate when brands speak their language. In addition, target users are actively involved in Burger King promotion campaigns.

Objectives: А. Commercial objective. Achieve 2.5+ return on investment (ROI). The chosen ROI value allows to demonstrate better campaign results compared to other marketing campaigns of the company. Build a clear, transparent and objective relationship between the communication campaign and the offline sales.В. Communication objective. Not only do we aim to announce a new product, but also to give away promotional coupons for a new snack to at least 2,500,000 potential restaurant customers, without any BTL budget at all.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian