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ROSSIYAGenerous Soul!
New era in the history of the chocolate

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: In the houses of more than 137 million Russian people chocolate bar is a regular product (93,7% category penetration rate according to GFK Household Panel, 2018). Taking into account such a high penetration level, all adult population becomes our target audience. However, the loyalty in this category is very low as there are 504 brands and more than 3000 SKUs on the market (AC Nielsen 2018). Another challenge is the fact that purchasing decision about a particular brand is impulsive and strongly influenced by the price. The chocolate bar category heads the list of the most promoted product categories (AC Nielsen 2018). When  of all chocolate tablets are sold through promotions, the brand identity is blurred giving way to a better price offer. We needed to make a counter offer and convince a wide audience from 18 to 65 to make a choice not in favor of the price tag, but in favor of the unique advantages of the product

Objectives: Chocolate “Zolotaya Marka” entered the market only in August 2018, and the consumer demand was the criterion of success: - in just two months of TV, we but motivate 50% of the audience to buy the “Zolotaya Marka”, which is higher than the average in the category and higher than that of the advertising from the market leader (46 % in both situations, Ipsos Ad efficiency tracking, 2018 - Key indicator of the real demand was for us not a sales volume or market share, but a true demand of the consumers  

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian