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How to build awareness with content project PETS Purina and Mail.ru

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: We target pet owners who represent 72,1% of Russia’s population. Among them, 54% are cat owners, and 25% are dog owners (Romir, cities 10k +, 0+, December 2017).According to the study by Russia’s Public Opinion Research Center and Purina (Role of Pets in Human Life, 2016), 90% of the population believe that pets make them happy. Therefore they look for information that helps them take good care of their pets. According to Google, ‘Pets and Animals’ is among top 3 FMCG queries, which indicates pet owners’ need for the Internet information sources.

Objectives: Communication goal:1. Increase awareness of Purina brands – Purina One, Pro Plan, Cat Chow, Gourmet – by at least 3 p.p. (OMI, Measuring Pet Owners Awareness, 2018), which presented a serious challenge in the given market conditions.2. Build the brands’ reach of 7,5 million internet users, with at least 75% of them being pet owners (OMI, rb.mail.ru, Pet Owners Verification, 2018).Commercial goal:1. Increase sales by 18% through combined marketing efforts, while the annual category growth was 10% (Nielsen Retail Index).

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian