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Lay's Baked
Lay's Baked

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: The fashion for healthy eating has made chips a real “guilty pleasure,” especially for women. Moreover, women aged from 25 to 44 with high-middle incomes comprise the cluster with high food spending. They are ready to pay more for delicious and healthy food products. They highly value opportunities for personal growth, try to follow trends, and they also trust reference people and groups, not advertising communication. They see quality of life, for themselves, and for their families on the whole, as a priority. They are hypercritical when choosing food products. Taste is the key motivator.

Objectives: Lay’s Baked chips are the first-ever baked chips in the Russian market. The primary purpose was to create a new category, and through it, to increase the consumption of chips by infrequent buyers, as well as to encourage repeat purchases. The following KPIs were set for the launch period: Listing in all major retail chains, Awareness – 37%, Consideration – 25%, Trial – 15%, Repeat purchases – 12%, Market share after the launch campaign – 1.8%

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian