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Separate with us

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Our audience - people who are ready to change themselves and the world around them, who believe that the future is in their hands. Everybody consumes and produces waste. The success of the SWC system depends on everybody. Responsible parents teach young children, teachers help children in schools. In high schools, students consciously participate in activities, realizing eco-friendly lifestyle is useful, aesthetic and fashionable. A special group is Internet users, millions of citizens. SWC ideas were shared by popular bloggers and celebrities. We're working in yards, sorting garbage with the residents in the event format

Objectives: The main project objective is to involve the largest possible number of people in the SWC culture, cultivate an environmentally friendly behavior in everyday life, as well as support the creation of comfortable conditions for implementing the public’s willingness to manage its waste responsibly. KPIs for 2018: Educational part: to engage at least 100 new institutions, including universities and schools, in the project to engage an additional 300,000 new participants to the project Infrastructure: to install at least 2,000 garbage sorting containers in at least 20 new regions of Russia to collect and recycle even more consumer packaging than was collected in 2017 (more than 26,000 tons of waste) to collect and recycle 100% of packages sold during the FIFA World Cup-2018 Information part to ensure a 2-time increase in the number of media publications versus 2017

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian