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Allergy tracker - pollen forecast based on AI

RAN IN: Russia


Audience: Flixonase target audience: women 20-55 y.o., with active lifestyle and apparently not having pronounced distinctive differences. They are traditional in media consumption: active on the Internet, used to scooping up-to-date information there. Main differences from other people are visible or hidden signs of allergic rhinitis. These differences are mostly noticeable during flowering season of allergenic plants: Oak, Birch, Maple etc. Often, allergy sufferers even leave their cities at the peak of flowering period to avoid discomfort. Others are forced to be in ignorance when they need medicine, because flowering period changes annually and stays unpredictable.

Objectives: Objectives: 1. Sales growth 2. Brand interest increase 3. High-quality contact with TA KPI: 1. Sales growth by 20% 2. Increase in branded search queries (Mar-Oct 2018) by 5% compared to general queries (allergies, rhinitis). (Yandex.Wordstat in Mar-Oct 2017 there were 104,4 thousand requests containing “flixonase” and 3.4 mln category-related requests 3. High-quality contact with TA compared with market benchmarks: · Time on promo-page 1:52 · Bounce rate 39% · Returning users 11.2% (GA, pharma projects of MailRu Group for 2017-2018) How to measure: 1. Proxima sales data 2. Yandex.Wordsat 3. Campaign results: Google Analytics.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian