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Bonduelle grew into olives

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Our TA is women, 25—45, middle/upper-middle income. According to the research*, Bonduelle is perceived by consumers as a natural, high-quality, bright brand with fresh products. According to another research** we noticed that olives TA is different from canned vegetables TA. Olives are consumed mostly by female city residents, active and open to change, for whom both family and career are important.These differences helped to find the right insight and target effectively.* Insight search for innovation «Canned peas category», online forum, May-June 2018. Ipsos Comcon** Russian Target Group Index, Q1 2018, Ipsos Comcon

Objectives: 1) To announce Bonduelle olives. To change consumers mind and the paradigm that "Bonduelle is corn and peas". 2) The communication goal was to preserve Bonduelle style when using new stylistic techniques to get into the olives TA. 3) Enter the top 3 leaders in Olives category in sales in money (increase our market share by 6%) 4) To increase brand image indicators. Enter the top 3 in TOM and purchase intent in the category 5) To achieve the planned KPI in terms of 1-month long campaign, since olives are a seasonal product.

Language: English, Russian