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Tele2 Rain Wifi: "Charged with rain"

RAN IN: Russia




Audience: Our audience are residents of St. Petersburg who use mobile internet frequently to solve different tasks on the go.Those are 16-45 y.o. people who spend not less than 350 rubles/month on mobile connection. They prefer active lifestyle, they are always in the move, want to catch up with everything – even unfavorable weather conditions don't stop them from visiting new interesting places. They wish to have their mobile always connected to the internet, because every next minute they may need to search information, find a route, get news, fill in waiting with an interesting content.

Objectives: We had to create a project which could attract attention of the target audience and improve perception of Tele2. Criteria of success: 1)   Minimum 10 percent points increase in image attributes «technological, innovative operator» and «not like everyone else»; 2)   Target audience reach not less than 2.5 million people of 16-45 y.o. in St. Petersburg; 3)   Active interest from the audience towards Tele2 – not less than 96,000 website visits.

Type: B2C

Language: English, Russian