Youth Marketing

This category will honor those efforts that successfully communicate to teens or young adults.



In Our Boots 360 VR Experience

In 2018, the U.S. Army missed its recruitment goals for the first time in over a decade. What looked like a simple decline in recruitment due to cultural headwinds was actually much deeper. We had a trust issue with the very people we needed to recruit. In Our Boots earned back the trust of skeptical young Americans by turning them into a Soldier through a 360 VR Experience. At a moment in history when young Americans didn’t trust the Army, an unprecedented amount came knocking on our doors.

Brand: U.S. Army
Client: U.S. Army
Agency: McCann New York
Language: English

One Leaves

Short attention spans and an aversion to ads mean it’s harder to expose at-risk teens to the critical facts necessary to stop them from trying cigarettes.  Our approach? Instead of competing with the content they consume, we needed to become the content they consume. Enter One Leaves, an engaging and haunting video game that starkly brings to life the risks of smoking. The results are staggering: hundreds of thousands of teens engaged with our content for over 14 minutes each, fueling anti-smoking attitudes and behaviors.

Brand: The Real Cost
Client: Center for Tobacco Products
Agency: FCB New York
Language: English

Cobalt Card Launch: You do You

In 2017, American Express Canada launched the Cobalt Card in order to win with millennials. The campaign was one of the most successful launches in Amex Canada's history achieving 84% more applicants in its first month vs Amex’s two largest card launches in the last 10 years, delivering higher card spend vs comparable Amex cards, and improving brand equity and acquisition amongst customers who were almost 10 years younger than Amex’s average cardmember. Key to our success, was positioning Cobalt as the card that lets you do you.  

Brand: American Express
Client: American Express
Agency: Ogilvy
Language: English

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